How We Help Actionable Strategies

Growth focused strategies to grow your business quickly, based on years of entrepreneurial experience, skills, and know-how to solve your biggest challenges.

  • Discover fresh perspectives on how to grow your business
  • Bridge the gap between strategic planning and execution with real world implementation tactics
  • Eliminate the roadblocks to growing your bottom line
  • Identify gaps, bring focus, and uncover new opportunities in your business

Our Areas of Expertise

Business Action Plan

An in-depth examination of your business, providing a fresh perspective on challenges and opportunities, resulting in a customized strategy with specific actions to implement over the next six months. Our promise.

Sales Consulting

Sales solve all problems! Sales are often a pain point for businesses because they have not clearly identified target market, correct decision makers and how to reach them. We provide the strategy, training, and systems to succeed.

Marketing Strategy

Not sure where to find your next customer? Need a part time CMO? We work with you to develop, refine and implement your marketing strategy, based on real world experience, and can source and manage the best vendors.

Grant Writing

Growing companies need capital but are often unaware of what government grants are available, or how to successfully apply. We are experienced grant writers, who have helped many companies get the grants they need: exports, hiring, innovation, & more.

Scale Your Business

To scale your business, you need systems. You have a product or service that rocks, but to grow efficiently, you need organizational process tailored your business. We help you create growth focused operational excellence with accountability.

Market Research

Understanding your market and competitors is critical. We conduct research to uncover opportunities, optimize your value proposition, understand your customer, and beat your competitors. We also source specific sales leads in the US and Canada.

Business Mentoring

Momentum works with you weekly to implement your business strategy and achieve your goals. Our mission is to help grow your business with Momentum (pun intended). Advising and coaching beginning at minimum 3 months.

Investor Relations

You need to entice investors and communicate your growth and wins. We provide investor strategies and newsletters and press releases for growing companies. We help you build a winning pitch that wows investors.

Project Management

Growing businesses sometimes do not have the bandwidth to execute all their projects. Many of our clients have asked us to step in to help move strategy to execution. Our team is your team.

Would you like to schedule a free consultation session? This business consultation on any of our services above is free. This will help establish if we are a good fit for you. It can also simply be helpful in getting clarity on your business challenges and growth.

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